Why is On-page SEO Essential?

The answer is quite simple. Without effective On-page SEO, a website cannot rank for highly relevant and revenue-driving keywords.

100% White Hat SEO Strategy
We only work with Google complaint methods to increase search visibility of your site in the search engines. Your website does not offer any business value if it is unable to bring in leads.

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With MaceSol Technologies

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We Provide SEO Services.

Macesol will conduct an On-page SEO Analysis of your website and identify opportunities. MaceSol will then provide recommendations or a game plan for implementation. Upon Client approval, MaceSol will implement any of the following Elements required so that your website meets best practices.On-page SEO is the meat of any SEO campaign. Our check list of 85+ on-page parameters makes sure that the website is search engine friendly. We pick out the best semantic keyword and optimize your website around those key terms.

On-Page Elements

Some of the critical elements that may require modification or optimization that results in higher ranking include;

URL’s – that is Search Engine friendly and that speak to the keyword or keywords that are being targeted for high ranking.

Title Tags – is one of the most important On-page elements. Title Tags are populated with targeted keywords which are determined by keyword research. Optimized Title Tags are critical for ranking.

H1 or Heading Tags – speak to what the page is about when searchers land on a product or service page. Ideally, H1 Tags should mirror what’s in the Title Tag.

Meta Description Tags – are what searchers see in the SERP’s (search engine result pages). Keyword optimized Description Tags with Calls to Action are essential to clicks & conversions.

Content Optimization – based on keyword research & analysis, can significantly improve your ranking for many keywords. LGO may also suggest new web pages based on keyword research!

Conversion Rate Optimization – simply adding Calls to Action or Conversion Points will increase the number of visitors who convert to a lead. You can double your conversion rate without having to double your traffic.

Crawlability & Indexing – LGO will ensure that Search Engines can crawl all your web pages so that your content is fully indexed.

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